The new XPD88 designed by Sculli studio

The new XPD88 designed by Sculli studio

Antonini Navi is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Mauro Sculli architecture firm for the construction of XPD88, a 28-meter full-custom expedition yacht. Sculli Studio specializes in the design of high-end expedition yachts. Since the 90s, it has contributed to the launch of many well-known units in the superyacht market, characterized by strong personality and extreme design.

Made entirely of steel, the yacht is 28 metres in length overall although it will be registered as 23.99 meter yacht. XPD88 is characterised by generous volumes – unusual for a yacht with a beam of 8.5 metres – and striking style.

This pleasure craft is designed to experience the sea and the slow-cruising experience. The owner will have a dedicated deck, the upper one, with well-defined and distinct paths for the crew to offer maximum privacy for guests on board. The project also boasts three propulsion solutions.

In parallel, the construction work continues on the 40-metre UP40 platform and hulls are delivered for third parties. 

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