What is Utility Platform 40 ?

Modularity is the business concept defined by decades of experience building oil platforms. It is coded in Gruppo Antonini’s DNA and lies at the heart of this innovative project.

“Utility Platform” is the first pre-compartmented modular platform for the construction of steel superyachts. A platform has been created to build a 40-meter steel displacement hull, with naval architecture, engineering and internal compartmentation designed to allow three different superstructures to be developed for three different superyacht concepts: Motoryacht, Crossover and Explorer.

WHY UP-40 ?


Static and dynamic testing of the hull, hull lines and appendages was performed at the MARIN Maritime Research Institute in the Netherlands, simulating sea-keeping in extreme navigation conditions. Small structural modifications adapt the hull for each of the three versions, guaranteeing and enhancing the performance characteristics determined in the testing tank.



Sharing the same family feeling, the three superstructures are used to produce an elegant, modern Motoryacht, a streamlined, essential Crossover, and a solid, multi- purpose Explorer. The hull has high, expansive freeboards and the cut of the bow is contemporary in style, giving the yachts personality and character. The stern section is where the designs of the three different concepts vary most.



The layout is the same for each concept, but with plenty of personalisation options. The interiors can be decorated and furnished as desired and the number of cabins and their sizes modified, customising the unit to reflect the needs of the customer and the concept chosen.



The use of a modular hull makes it possible to design onboard systems down to the smallest detail and implement them accordingly. This process fine-tunes them for maximum efficiency and longlife. Modularity is also synonymous with the optimisation of the interior spaces, or in other words ensuring that onboard maintenance and technical work can be performed more easily, both by mechanics and crews.



Another of this project’s strong points is the huge reduction in delivery times. Having a 40-metre hull platform fully defined in terms of its naval architecture, engineering and construction, with the choice of superstructure left open, reduces delivery times by up to 30%. So, from the moment the owner signs the contract, regardless of the Concept chosen, the unit built to their specific requirements will be delivered in just 18 months.