What is Utility Platform 40 ?

UP40 by Antonini Navi revolutionizes the way superyachts are built, highlighting the company’s desire to bring innovation, flexibility and modularity to the industry.

UP40 is the platform used to build a 40-meter long displacement steel hull, with predefined modular solutions for the naval architecture, engineering and compartmentalization that ensure a perfect fit with different superstructures and create three different concepts. The platform adapts to these concepts by modifying the surfaces that interact with the hull in predefined, modular ways.

The priority for the shipyard’s technical office and designer Fulvio de Simoni was to create concepts with a design that is harmonious and balanced, but above all innovative: two main decks characterized by seamless continuity are connected to the only wheelhouse on board by a dedicated half deck.

UP40 reduces construction times, with delivery guaranteed in just 18 instead of 24 months, while giving the owner the opportunity to build a full custom unit. Modularity brings efficiency, space optimization and reduced operating costs to all the units produced.

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