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Motoryacht, Crossover or Sport Explorer? Antonini Navi, the Gruppo Antonini’s new luxury yachting brand, presents the Utility Platform 40 – UP40 modular hull project, which can be adapted to build three different types of displacement yacht.


From the drawing board of Fulvio De Simoni, and in close collaboration with the shipyard’s engineering team, the UP40 is a 40-metre steel platform serving as the base for three different models – Motoryacht, Crossover or Sport Explorer – according to the superstructure chosen by the client. This solution, for which engineering work has already been completed, ensures faster delivery times and generous customisation options in terms of style and type. Innovation and flexibility in shipbuilding have played a vital role in the history of the Gruppo Antonini. The same philosophy has been adopted at Antonini Navi, the group’s recently launched brand specialising in superyachts.

“For Antonini Navi’s first project we decided to apply a construction method to steel superyachts previously used mainly for smaller fibreglass boats: we created a modular platform designed down to the tiniest detail, enabling us to start building the hull and choose the type and concept at a later stage, even half way through the construction process. This means that owners can personalise their superyacht when construction is already underway, and not only the interiors but also, and most importantly, the functional type. The result? Maximum flexibility of choice but shorter delivery times, because the hull design and construction have already been completed,” said Antonini Navi partner and sales manager Aldo Manna.


The first UP40 the shipyard is working on has a 40-metre long steel displacement hull to adapt perfectly to the three different superstructures - Motoryacht, Crossover and Sport Explorer.
The hull is the first element of the Utility Platform. Over and above differences in terms of design and how they will used by their future owner, all boats built by Antonini Navi will have a hull with the same technical parameters and the same level of reliability, robustness and seakeeping. The shape is designed to render the interiors of each yacht as liveable as possible, while the waterlines will be extremely efficient to guarantee safe navigation while containing consumption levels and maintaining a high degree of comfort.


As we said, the three different superstructure styles will be used to produce three different models: an elegant and modern Motoryacht, a streamlined and essential Crossover and, lastly, a solid and multi-purpose Sport Explorer. The award-winning architect and designer Fulvio De Simoni dug deep in his formidable experience to put into practice an idea that, when applied to the world of steel superyachts, entails highly complex procedures, also in terms of stylistic design. Fulvio De Simoni’s architectural priority was to create concepts with a design that was harmonious, balanced and innovative, but without being banal.


Though the layout of each concept is common to the various models, the peculiarity of the whole platform is the ample scope for personalisation. On each yacht in fact, the interiors can be fitted out as desired, from the number and size of the cabins down to the smallest details, making the yacht fully customisable to reflect the owner’s needs and the model selected.


Another of this project’s strong points is the huge reduction in delivery times. Having a 40-metre hull platform fully defined in terms of its naval architecture, engineering and construction, with the choice of superstructure left open, will reduce delivery times by up to 50%. So, from the moment the owner decides on a concept and signs the contract, the unit built to their specific requirements will be delivered in just 12 months.


The full design of the first unit is nearing completion, as is the definition of the three different superstructures, whereas hull construction will start up in September 2020.