Aldo Last year, we reported on Antonini Navi’s sale of its first 32-metre explorer yacht, which was quickly followed by the sale of 34-metre Seamore for an Italian owner, both scheduled for delivery in 2025.


The concept of the new line of SUY is based on increased space dedicated to tender and toy stowage. Currently in build and due for delivery in 2026 is the first of the yard’s SUYs, a 44-metre displacement motoryacht: SUY 135. Developed with designer Fulvio De Simoni and with naval architecture by Studio Arrabito, it is part of a larger project that Antonini Navi will be soon introducing, the SUY 190 and SUY 108. According to Manna, clients are giving clear signals of what they require from yachts under 500gt, demanding builds, preferably in steel, more compact and with different characteristics compared to a few years ago.

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Aldo Manna, Antonini Navi partner and Sales Director, and founder of SUY, the sport utility yacht concept, talks about the La Spezia-based yard's new line of SUYs.
“Recently the need arose to have a yacht with generous volumes to stow toys, amenities, tenders, and any other means suitable for the many sporting and recreational activities that the sea and its places can offer,” Manna says. “The SUY is a concept I developed as a yachtsman who loves the sea and has 30 years of experience in sailing, which made me realise the ever-increasing need to have a large volume on board to stow a tender, but above all the ever-increasing number of toys that the owner wants to have on board. We did some market research and realised that there are at least 20 companies in the world that produce toys, amphibians, divers, that take up as much as five and six metres [space].”
The SUY is essentially a distillation of this idea, which aims to designate less volume to the liveable parts of the yacht and dedicate it instead to accommodate the storage of toys.
Manna explains that the young owner is “more and more willing to deprive himself of one or two dining areas, settling for just one, a few guest cabins, but with the possibility of having toys and amenities on board. To achieve these goals, we have raised the aft deck considerably, creating a raised aft upper deck that allows for significant aft stowage volume, while retaining the classic free-standing aft deck that can also function as an external garage.”